Ready to put the sexy spark back into your relationship or marriage?


I know you are.


If your love life has fallen into a rut, you've lost your libido and you want sex to feel more fun (and less like a chore), you're in the right place. 



This simple guide is for you if:


  • You care deeply about your relationship or marriage and want it to work for both of you

  • You want sex and sexuality to be important to you, but you may not know where to start yet. 

  • You want to have a lifetime of satisfying sex to create the glue of your relationship

  • You want to feel like you and your partner/s are lovers as well as housemates, parents, and any other roles you play

  • You’re fed up of dreading going to bed and the engulfing distance between you

  • You may have kids and now your life is full of nappy changes, tantrum resolutions, crayons, and homework rather than tearing each other’s clothes off


This e-book gives you 12 themes to explore to re-kindle the sexy spark, no matter how time-pressed or flat out you are. 

Ready to put the PHWOOOARR back into your love life?  

God yes please!


Looking for some no fluff or faff, easy ways to re-ignite the sexiness, desire, and pleasure back into your relationship or marriage at any stage? 


Whether you've been together 3 weeks, 3 years, or 3 decades, you can use this for your relationship or marriage to keep it hot.

  • Easy to learn and practise even when your schedule is full and you're exhausted. 

  • For you at any age, size, shape, physical ability, or how many kids you have. You deserve a hot sex life and intimacy right now. 

  • Pleasure-focused, sex-positive, and no brain gymnastics needed. What have you got to lose? 

  • Yours to download and keep for life. Save it to your inbox, print it off and stick it on your bedroom wall, save it to your tablet or phone and read when you get a moment.