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Self pleasuring is how you become sensually and erotically empowered


Think about it

  • Think about all the sexual experiences you've ever had.

    Now remember the ones that were a bit shit. How would they have been different if you felt confident to tell them what works for you, and insisted on your pleasure too?

  • How differently would you relate to your partner when you felt completely confident in your body and your desire? When you no longer felt embarrassed, weird, or unworthy?

  • How much more sexually confident would you be if you could describe all of your anatomy and embrace your pleasure?

    When you became an equal partner in the bedroom?

Why Self Pleasure Rocks

Need more convincing why self pleasuring is amazing?


  • It sparks your creativity- the best way to beat writer's block!
  • Revitalize and re-energize
  • It eases menstrual cramps
  • It relieves tension and stress
  • It's the safest sex there is! 


But even deeper than that, self pleasuring will change your life


  • You learn how to receive even deeper in all areas of your life
  • You form a completely new and loving relationship with your body
  • You can focus just on you and what you want
  • You learn to want and desire again
  • You relate so much healthier with your partner/s because you feel like an equal partner in the bedroom
  • You're no longer dependent on your partner/s for pleasure or orgasms- in fact, you can take the lead and show them how it's done!
  • You learn to feel more confident in your body
  • Sex becomes something you enjoy because you KNOW what works for you
  • You're no longer embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, or anything else in bed
  • You feel more connected than ever to your body, you feel whole and worthy
  • You feel more like YOU than ever before, you feel whole
  • You are no longer just a "mum", "wife", "girlfriend", or whatever else, you are an erotic and sensual being who is SO FUCKING WORTHY OF FEELING GOOD!
  • You just want to start having proper bloody orgasms and have whatever everybody else is raving about. (You can!)

This high value content is yours to keep for life and is what I offer all my private clients. It is a result of many hours of training and client hours, with brilliant results to change how you relate to pleasure. 


Working with me 1:1 will cost you upwards of £3k

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"Lucy has really inspired me in my sexuality journey. Her content has consistently challenged my assumptions and conditioning that I have absorbed especially as a woman. I really value her work, as she de-shames and normalises different sexual desires, body types and other areas I have been told are "uncool". Her work has brought so much more acceptance and love towards myself, which spreads into my personal and social life - not just the bedroom! Thank you Lucy!"


Haneen Khan, London, UK

"Lucy is an abundance of reassuring information, the sex education we never got at school, all wrapped up in a no bs, keeping it real style. I feel I should also mention her sexy voice; definitely worth a listen to."


Anna Katarina Challacombe, Brighton, UK