Self Pleasure For Badass Womxn


What did YOU learn about self-pleasuring growing up?


When I was at high school, we got the classic condom and banana talk, and a big dose of some Abstinence Only stuff too.


What about you? What did you learn?


Most importantly: how did it affect the sex and intimacy you've had since then?


If you are a woman or socialized as a woman, I bet it was something along these lines:


"Good girls don't give it away"

"Don't be a slut"

"Vaginas are smelly and ugly"

"It's all about him and his pleasure"


You would never have learned about the clitoris or even that your pleasure mattered in the first place.


I know this because I hear this ALL THE FUCKING TIME


If you were lucky, you stumbled across some magazines like Cosmo, or talked about it with your girlfriends.


But I will bet my tea collection you are still semi in the dark about how to really create pleasure, or why it's so important in the first place.


"Sure, orgasms are nice, but I'm busy right now."


"But I know what gets me off, what more do I need to learn?"


GURRRLL, let me walk you through it!


This isn't just about a quick wank to fill a gap when your partner isn't home or when you're feeling lonely, stressed, want to sleep or whatever.


This is a complete re-wire of how you relate to your body, your vulva, your pleasure, and your orgasm. 


Read that again.


When you can become the mistress of your own pleasure, you never feel helpless or disempowered in bed ever again.


And it's one of my favourite topics to teach ???

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I'm serious, I believe that women/vulva owners knowing their pleasure will change the world.


One way in which women are screwed over by the world is that we're taught that our pleasure isn't a "thing".


It's all about pleasing your man or your partner, so you just do everything you can to make them happy.


Enough already!


When you're putting up with sex to make him/her/them happy, or you're frantically Googling, "How to Spice it Up in The Bedroom", I guarantee this is a slippery slope to resentment and frustration.


And that does not a sexy make, sweets. 

Self pleasuring is how you become sensually and erotically empowered


Think about it

  • Think about all the sexual experiences you've ever had.

    Now remember the ones that were a bit shit. How would they have been different if you felt confident to tell them what works for you, and insisted on your pleasure too?

  • How differently would you relate to your partner when you felt completely confident in your body and your desire? When you no longer felt embarrassed, weird, or unworthy?

  • How much more sexually confident would you be if you could describe all of your anatomy and embrace your pleasure?

    When you became an equal partner in the bedroom?

Why Self Pleasure Rocks

Need more convincing why self pleasuring is amazing?


  • It sparks your creativity- the best way to beat writer's block!
  • Revitalize and re-energize
  • It eases menstrual cramps
  • It relieves tension and stress
  • It's the safest sex there is! 


But even deeper than that, self pleasuring will change your life


  • You learn how to receive even deeper in all areas of your life
  • You form a completely new and loving relationship with your body
  • You can focus just on you and what you want
  • You learn to want and desire again
  • You relate so much healthier with your partner/s because you feel like an equal partner in the bedroom
  • You're no longer dependent on your partner/s for pleasure or orgasms- in fact, you can take the lead and show them how it's done!
  • You learn to feel more confident in your body
  • Sex becomes something you enjoy because you KNOW what works for you
  • You're no longer embarrassed, ashamed, guilty, or anything else in bed
  • You feel more connected than ever to your body, you feel whole and worthy
  • You feel more like YOU than ever before, you feel whole
  • You are no longer just a "mum", "wife", "girlfriend", or whatever else, you are an erotic and sensual being who is SO FUCKING WORTHY OF FEELING GOOD!

Self Pleasure For Badass Womxn

Pleasure Bundle


This is one of the foundations I teach my clients and women on my group programs.


It's everything you need to know of the why and hows of badass, soul enriching, life changing, body rocking self pleasuring.

For busy women/vulva owners who want to become unstoppably sensually empowered and fully alive.


Forget a quick genital sneeze, this is how it ripples throughout your whole body.


Easy to access, easy to try, easy to slot into your busy life. 

This is for you if:

  • You want an easy and faff-free guide to self pleasuring

  • You know you need to get into self pleasuring, but have no idea how or where to start

  • You want to know how to make your self pleasuring even deeper, more profound, soulful, and satisfying

  • You want to create a positive and healthy relationship with your body

  • You want to become completely comfortable in your body and be able to name all of your parts without feeling embarrassed

  • You just want to start having proper bloody orgasms and have whatever everybody else is raving about. (You can!)

What You Get

  • Vulva and Womb Meditation

    My most popular audio meditation to connect you deeply to your body and with your vulva. Perfect to set your intention and feel your body in a completely new way.

  • PDF 1: Why pleasure?

    Why is pleasure and self pleasuring so important anyway? Explore what brings you pleasure and envision your ideal sexual self, free of all limitations, shame, and inhibition.

  • PDF 2: Va Va Vulva!

    Let's explore your glorious anatomy: Your vulva! Inside is a guided exercise to map your vulva. And let's debunk myths around self-pleasuring and what's stopping you from fully enjoying. 

  • PDF 3: Self Pleasure Magic

    Your bespoke self-pleasure magic exercise, or ritual. This is unlike just regular self-pleasuring, this will take your experience to a deeper and more profound level. 

  • BONUS Class: Mastering Your Orgasms

    What even IS an orgasm? And how can I have MORE of them please? This bonus masterclass on everything about your Big O- even if you're not having them yet. 

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The Price

This high value content is yours to keep for life and is what I offer all my private clients. It is a result of many hours of training and client hours, with brilliant results to change how you relate to pleasure. 


Working with me 1:1 will cost you upwards of £3k

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3 Workbooks

1 Audio Meditation

BONUS Video Masterclass

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"Lucy has really inspired me in my sexuality journey. Her content has consistently challenged my assumptions and conditioning that I have absorbed especially as a woman. I really value her work, as she de-shames and normalises different sexual desires, body types and other areas I have been told are "uncool". Her work has brought so much more acceptance and love towards myself, which spreads into my personal and social life - not just the bedroom! Thank you Lucy!"


Haneen Khan, London, UK

"Lucy is an abundance of reassuring information, the sex education we never got at school, all wrapped up in a no bs, keeping it real style. I feel I should also mention her sexy voice; definitely worth a listen to."


Anna Katarina Challacombe, Brighton, UK

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To your pleasure and erotic liberation


Lucy xx